Three Main Types of Marine Salvage Airbags and Their Description

Marine salvage airbags are primarily used in the marine industry to retrieve lost and submerged objects from the water. They have been heavily relied on to be able to recover goods from the ocean or sunken ships. Marine salvage airbags have been in use for over 100 years. Still, it has undergone many changes in its design over the years, with some of the most recent ones being nitrogen-purged bags with a lower density than earlier designs.

Marine Salvage Rubber Airbags

Most of the airbags used in ship launching are rubber, which is generally only available in one size. The use of synthetic cording is a significant step forward with the development of the marine salvage rubber airbag. These airbags were created to cushion or reduce shock from impacts and could also be used for underwater construction.

Totally Enclose Salvage Airbags

The totally enclosed lifting bags have a cylindrical design: enclosed air lift bags, inflatable buoyancy units, or salvage pontoons. The airbags can be used for marine salvage, underwater mining, and power cable repairs.

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