Three Helpful Tips for Oral surgery day.

Having surgery for any reason can be a scary experience. Even if the operation is a small one or you had it done in the past. Here are a few helpful tips that’ll help your surgery day go smoothly.

Show up early.

It is ideal to show up early to any meeting or appointment, but showing up early to the dentist can speed up the process. You can check-in faster, get your vitals checked quicker, and if your lucky, you can start your surgery sooner.

Don’t eat or drink unless the doctor gives you the okay.

Eating or drinking before an oral surgy can cause complications with the anesthesia. To avoid this, follow your doctor’s directions and don’t eat or drink anything unless it’s said otherwise.

Wear proper clothing.

It’s okay to wear long pants on your surgery date, but if you are going to be sedated, make sure to wear a short-sleeved shirt so the doctor won’t have any issues getting to your arms. They need to be able to put an IV in your arm and take your blood pressure.

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