Jul 30, 2015

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Three Commonly Asked Questions About Skin Rejuvenation

If acne, aging or spending too much time in the sun has left the face with wrinkles, scars, blotches or lines, it is advisable to undergo a Skin Rejuvenation procedure. Skin rejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment designed to eliminate skin blemishes and stimulate increased collagen production in order to make the skin appear younger and healthier. To get satisfactory results, it is imperative to choose a highly qualified and experienced physician. A knowledgeable facial rejuvenation specialist has performed many similar cosmetic procedures. These professionals have the right skills, knowledge, technology and instruments to ensure that the entire rejuvenation procedure is completed properly. The following are some commonly asked about facial rejuvenation.

What is the difference between skin resurfacing and rejuvenation?

Even though the terms “skin resurfacing” and “rejuvenation” are used interchangeably there is a distinct different. Skin resurfacing refers to a procedure or treatment that physically removes the top layer of the skin. The procedure may entail the use of lasers and acids while deep skin resurfacing may even involve the use of anesthesia. Rejuvenation, on the other hand, refers to anything that makes the skin look better. It entails the use of skin care products, treatments, and other in-office procedures.

What skin blemishes can be treated through a professional laser rejuvenation procedure?

The types of skin blemishes that can be treated using a laser rejuvenation procedure include:

  • Sun damages
  • Liver spots, which appear with old age
  • Birthmarks, such as liner or epidermal nevi
  • Facial scars
  • Enlarged pores, mainly around the nose
  • Grayish or yellowish skin tones or typical aging skin
  • Skin lesions caused by over pigmentation, rosacea, vascular lesions and many more

How does a laser rejuvenation procedure work?

A laser rejuvenation procedure is done by projecting an infra-red light or intense pulsed light onto the skin blemishes being treated. The energy produced causes the damaged cells to heat up and break down into substances that can be absorbed and discarded by the blood stream. The laser energy also enhances collagen production and helps to improve the overall skin complexion.
These are just some of the most important details to know before undergoing a laser Skin Rejuvenation procedure. Remember to choose the right plastic surgeon in order to get satisfactory results. For additional details about laser rejuvenation treatment, and how to contact a certified physician, go to Longevityok.com.

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