Three common reasons for hair loss.

Hair loss happens for a variety of reasons and can cause significant discomfort and embarrassment for the person suffering from it. How long it’ll take to fix the problem depends on why you have hair loss and the severity. Here are three common reasons people suffer from hair loss.


There are two types of stress, Healthy stress, and unhealthy stress. If a person is going through a rough time and is experiencing major depression and anxiety, this can cause them to have hair loss. Some might get thinning hair, while others will get bald sports.

Hairstyles that pull or tug on the hair.

Hairstyles such as African braids, ponytails, and tight French braids, can cause strain on the hair shaft that can eventually lead to hair shedding or hair loss if it’s styled in that way for an extended period of time.

You’ve lost a large amount of weight.

Weight loss, even if it’s done in a healthy way, can cause hair loss due to how dramatically it changes the body, especially if the weight was lost over a brief period. You may need PRP treatment in Dallas.

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