Sep 1, 2014

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Three Auto Issues That Can Be Avoided with Maintenance by an Automotive Repair Shop in Junction City KS

Have you ever been driving by and noticed a car disabled on the side of the road? This happens quite often, and while the matter can be stressful to deal with, many would be surprised to find out that it can be avoided. Roadside assistance experts and mechanics from an Automotive Repair Shop Junction City KS area, state that when they’re called to service a disabled vehicle, that more times than not, it is a simple fix that could have been avoided with basic knowledge and routine maintenance. Browse website for more information.

Your Battery Dies

While in most cases, your car battery will not die while you’re driving, it can stall once you’re standing still. So if you’re coming out of a store and go to turn the key with no start, this could be a sign of battery trouble. The main sign that the battery is dying is if you hear a clicking sound as you turn the key in the ignition. While a jump start might help to give your battery some life to get from one location to another, it is still important that you have it serviced by an Automotive Repair Shop Junction City KS area. Scheduling a charge testing for your battery after it reaches three years of age is necessary.

Your Tire Goes Flat

You’re driving along, and suddenly you hear the tire blow out, you move to the side of the road and find that your tire is damaged and you’re in need of a change. If you’re on a major highway facing the street side, experts say that you should contact a professional road side assistance company to avoid being hit by oncoming traffic. While a flat tire can happen to anyone, experts say that simple maintenance such as having the tires rotated after every 7,000 miles is ideal. Also, checking the wheel alignment after every 15,000 miles.

This is just the beginning of things that can easily be avoided. While accidents can happen and some things cannot be changed, keeping a regular maintenance schedule with a reputable Automotive Repair Shop Junction City KS area is the best and most effective solution to staying safe while on the road. So if it’s been a while since you have your battery tested, tires rotated, or fluids changed, head down to Ekart Automotive Services for assistance.


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