Those Seriously Injured in Chicago Car Accidents Need Legal Representation

From the moment an automobile accident happens and it is reported to an insurance company, the insurance company has lawyers and adjusters who are evaluating the claim. They are not looking out for the individuals who were injured in the accident. To the contrary, they are looking for ways to minimize their financial exposure. They can do this by low balling an accident victim in a settlement or by completely denying the claim. For this reason, auto accident victims are encouraged to speak with an auto accident lawyer in Chicago before trying to negotiate with insurance companies.

Unfortunately, there are many individuals who try to represent themselves in court or with their insurance agency. Generally, they fail miserably. They walk away with a fraction of the money they could have received if they allowed their case to be handled by professionals.

Sadly, many of these individuals experience further pain or discover new injuries in the days, weeks, or months following the acceptance of a low-ball settlement. When this happens, they speak with an auto accident lawyer in Chicago hoping to recoup more money. In many cases, there is little that can be done for these individuals because they have already signed away their legal rights when they received that smaller compensation.

This is why it’s so important for someone who was seriously injured in an auto accident to consider using the assistance of a personal injury attorney. When a person allows an attorney to negotiate on their behalf, they increase their chances of the result being positive.

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