Jul 4, 2018

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Thinking About Lawyers, Hire One for VA Claims

Thinking About Lawyers, Hire One for VA Claims

You may know the many reasons you should hire lawyers when you go through complex processes such as buying or selling a home and divorce. It is also important to hire a reputable one for VA claims. Skilled and experienced attorneys can guide you through the four types of claims you may be able to file.

Veterans Compensation Benefits

Veterans who have a current disability that happened as a result of your time in service, you may qualify for these types of benefits. The precise amount is based on the type of injury and if you have dependents.

Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability

An injury received while in service that has left you completely unable to work may qualify you for this type of benefit. Veterans who receive total disability based on individual unemployability receive 100 percent compensation. To qualify for this benefit, you must be able to provide evidence from a doctor saying that you are incapable of obtaining a gainful occupation.

Monthly Disability Benefits

Individuals who have an injury relating to their time in service may qualify for monthly benefits up to $3,100. As with other types of benefits, the exact amount depends on the nature and extent of your injury. Widows and widowers may also apply for these benefits if the death was service-related.

VA Pension Benefits

A VA pension is paid to veterans or spouses who are living off of a low or no income. It is important to note that you cannot receive this benefit in conjunction with others. If you do qualify for two separate programs, you receive the greater of the two benefits. Unlike other programs, you do not need to have a disability related to service. Instead, the main qualifiers are military service, the presence of a disability, and low income.

If you are applying for any type of VA benefit, hire reputable lawyers for help. Contact Jackson and MacNichol at http://www.veteransbenefits.com today to learn more about hiring an attorney for VA claims.

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