Oct 5, 2016

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Thinking About Hog Hunting In Texas?

Thinking About Hog Hunting In Texas?

Many consumers are learning to enjoy the taste of feral hog meat. This is one way to help curtail the growing hog population in the southern states. Experts believe the feral animals are descendants of Russian boars. Further, the animals have been around since the mid-1800’s. Over the years, some of the animals got away and others were set free. The problem began when they started breeding with domestic animals. Texas farmers have a tough time dealing the hogs. Just imagine, a group of wild hogs can eat an entire cornfield. Damage estimates in Texas alone stand at about $60 million.

One way farmers deal with the situation is to go Hog Hunting Texas. Much of the hunting is done by helicopter. Imagine, high-powered rifles are used to shoot the animals from the air. Hog hunting trips are popular among those who hunt for sport. Now, the meat is being enjoyed by hunters and others. Chefs say wild pig meat is leaner than pork from a farm. Likewise, the meat has a richer taste. It makes sense that the meat would taste better. Meat from animals that roam free is usually tastier than that from farm fed animals. In addition, the meat contains no additives, steroids or hormones. The meat may be hard to obtain unless one knows a hunter. On the other hand, there are some farms that have started selling the meat. Indeed, it is a win-win for anyone with an over-population problem.

Stores and restaurants are bound by government regulations. Any meat that is sold there must be inspected. Chefs who like to cook wild boar usually buy from farms. Now, Hog Hunting Texas is benefiting the poor. A major organization partners with helicopter hunting companies to get meat. Thousands of pounds of meat is processed and donated to the poor. Nonetheless, the hogs remain a problem. If you are not a sports hunter, there is still an opportunity to help. Farmers are selling seats on what they call depredation flights. Hopefully, the farmers will find a solution to the issue. Anyone who is interested in a helicopter hog hunting trip should contact Smith Helicopters.

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