Feb 11, 2014

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Things to Pack With Your Dog When Boarding Them in Wheaton

Things to Pack With Your Dog When Boarding Them in Wheaton

Dogs are a huge part of families. While it would be ideal to take the family pet everywhere with the family, there are some situations in which it makes more sense to leave the pet behind. This is both for their personal comfort and for your piece of mind. That’s why it is important to ensure that your dog is comfortable at the kennel before you leave.

One very important thing to think about when you prepare for Dog Boarding in Wheaton is to pack their favourite toys. Your dog needs something that provides comfort and a memory of home. This will help ease the transition of leaving them behind. You may also want to include a toy that has your scent on it so that they can get a whiff of home when they need it. While it won’t get rid of all of the anxiety, it will help.

Another important thing to pack is their favourite food and food bowl. Changing up food at this juncture can lead to more stress. Even changing up the brand of dog food can lead to some intestinal issues that can make your dog uncomfortable. This is essential for your dog to eat the same food at they do at home. This is especially true if your dog has allergies or really needs to be on a special diet in order to stay healthy.

Medications are another thing to pack when you are getting for Dog Boarding in Wheaton. You should also include directions on how it should be given and how often it should be given. If this is a short term medication, you may want to delay the trip until the medication is over. If this is a long term medication, then you should make sure that the techs can handle giving out the medication.

Packing for your dog is as important as packing for yourself on a trip. Your dog will need some things to make sure their stay is comfortable. Thus, you should toys, their regular brand of dog food and any medication. While your dog will miss you while you are away, keeping them comfortable at the kennel is important to a happy stay. Visit Website to know more!

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