Mar 6, 2019

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Things to Know Before Contacting a Bail Bonding Company in Norwalk, CT

Things to Know Before Contacting a Bail Bonding Company in Norwalk, CT

Finding a loved one has been incarcerated is frightening. Learning they may be eligible for bail often leaves a person confused as to what they should do next. A bail bonding company in Norwalk CT can be of great help at this time. However, there are certain things a person should know before contacting a company of this type.

A Bail Bond Is a Type of Loan

A person who has been incarcerated will be given a bail hearing. During this hearing, the court determines the amount of bail that must be paid before the defendant’s release may be secured. In the event this bail cannot be paid, the defendant then remains in jail until the next hearing. The bail is a loan that allows the individual to continue with his or her normal routine until the hearing, and the funds are returned if the defendant appears in court as required. A fee is charged for this loan, as it is with all financial products, and the state determines how much may be charged for this service. The fee isn’t refunded, as it is a payment for the service.

Bail May Not Be Needed

Judges have discretion when it comes to setting bail. He or she may allow the defendant to be released on their recognizance or the bail amount may be low enough that it can be paid in cash. In the event, a bail bond is needed, be aware the funds will be lost if the defendant does not appear before the court when required. Physical assets may also be used as collateral for this loan. This includes stocks, bonds, or real estate, among other things.

Financial Responsibility

Any person who obtains a bond on his or her behalf or for a friend or family member is accepting financial responsibility for the defendant’s appearance in court. If all court appearances are met, the money for the bond is returned minus the fee for the service. If the defendant doesn’t appear as required, however, all funds are forfeited and the person who obtained the bond becomes responsible for the full amount.

Understand what you agree to before calling a bail bonding company in Norwalk CT. The more a person knows, the more confident he or she will feel about the decision to obtain a bond. Browse our website for more information on this process and what to expect.

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