Dec 7, 2018

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Things to Know Before Buying Used Roche Equipment

Things to Know Before Buying Used Roche Equipment

Saving money is important when making a purchase of equipment for a lab, hospital or testing facility. While this is true, making an informed, educated decision about the best place to buy the equipment is also a critical factor.

When in the market for used Roche equipment for your lab, it is highly recommended to buy online from reputable analytical equipment dealers. By purchasing through a dealer, you have the confidence in knowing the equipment has been tested by a certified technician before the sale. Buyers also know the information provided as to the cosmetic and working condition of the equipment is accurate and described completely.

To ensure you get the best in used Roche equipment, there are several important factors to keep in mind. Compare different dealers and consider the options before making a final purchase.

Features and Options

With any type of used equipment, it is important to make sure and verify all features and functions your lab requires are included in the model you are considering. It can be easy to purchase equipment based on your immediate testing needs and not think to the future volume, capacity or testing requirements that are likely to be required.

Customer Service and Support

A very small number of used analytical equipment dealers offer a top level of customer support. These companies choose sales reps with an understanding of the equipment as well as the use of the equipment in labs and testing applications. This can be very helpful in choosing the best model of used Roche equipment to suit your lab and your testing necessities.

Take some time and review the seller before making a purchase. Look for an analytical equipment dealer with at least a decade or more in the industry, a top selection of models and options, and a company with a reputation for customer service and support.

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