Nov 6, 2014

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Things to know about moving companies

If you need to relocate a large amount of household goods, office equipment or any other type of property then using a moving company is great way to do it. Although small movers in Ottawa will take the entire burden from you, people can choose if they are so inclined, to move themselves by renting a truck.

Within the moving industry there are three types of services that are commonly available. The most common and the one that removes most of the burden of making a move are full service companies. These small movers in Ottawa are adept at packing, loading, moving and replacing your effects in your new home. Another popular way for people to move is self-service, with this option the individual packs, loads the van and unloads and unpacks while the moving company supply a truck and driver. The third is option is strictly DIY; do all the work including the driving of a rented vehicle.

The price that one can expect to pay has a great deal to do with a host of variables. Other than for the natural price differential between companies asked to quote on the same thing the amount of goods to be moved is a primary consideration as is the number of people that will be needed to complete all that is asked for as well as the packing materials needed. Local moves made by small movers in Ottawa often factor in time as well, the total time from arrival to leaving the new address is what the moving company uses when the factor in how many moves they can complete in a day. When the person who is making the move analyses what is involved and how much it is going to cost there is no doubt that full service movers are the most expensive, renting a van and doing everything is the least expensive and self-service is somewhere in the middle.

Although most small movers in Ottawa are reputable and reliable you must interview two or three before choosing one. Make sure the quote you get is only prepared after the rep has been in your home and visually assessed what has to be moved, and make sure it is in writing stating everything that is included. Check the Gerry’s Moving out, contact the Better Business Bureau and make sure they have no unanswered complaints and that the complaints they have had are dealt with quickly and equitably.

You can be assured of a reasonably stress free move once you have done all your homework.

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