Jun 23, 2015

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Things To Do Outside Your Uptown Dallas Apartment

Things To Do Outside Your Uptown Dallas Apartment

While most people want all the luxuries of an uptown Dallas apartment and will consider those before other options, some people wish to know that there are plenty of things to do within the neighborhood. No one wants to go shopping and realize they have to travel 20 to 30 miles or more to get somewhere great, so it can be helpful to know what’s available near to the place you’re living.


While most people focus on the shopping and restaurant experience, you may also want to consider which services are nearby in case of an emergency. Services can include things like banks, ATMs, hospitals, clinics, taxis or limo services, veterinarians or animal hospitals, and horse-drawn carriage rides. Other services can include concierge, dry cleaners, maintenance help, security, shoe shines and more.


While it may be nice to cook in your new, luxury place, there will be times where you want to dine out, either alone or with a group. Therefore, it is important to know what’s available and how close it is. You can then find out whether those restaurants deliver. They should offer a broad range from casual to fine dining, and may also offer cafes and bars, so everything is taken care of, and you know what’s there when you want it.


Shopping is always a fun pastime, but even if you don’t enjoy shopping, there will still be times where it is necessary to shop, so you’ll want to know what’s available and where it is. Art supply stores, spas, picture frames and more can all be found. However, you may also want to seek out flower markets, design shops, fitness places, convenience stores and clothing stores to make sure it is a well-rounded neighborhood of shopping extravaganza.


For those that love the arts and cultural events, you’ll want to ensure that your uptown Dallas apartment is close to all the fun. Art centers, orchestras, theatre, sculptures and museums should all be within walking distance or a short cab ride away. You may also want to ensure that the museums offered will appeal to your tastes so that you can spend a lazy Sunday afternoon strolling through them.

Outdoor Fun

If you love the outdoors, you’ll need to make sure there are plenty of places to experience it. While most condos offer outdoor terraces and pools, sometimes you want a little more to escape everyday life. Zoos, parks, trails and farmer’s markets are all options, along with baseball fields, aquariums, and trolley systems.

An uptown Dallas apartment should be beautiful on the inside and outside, but should also offer great fun near the place. Visit Bleu Ciel Sky-Rise Living today to learn more about their offerings and what’s available near them.

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