Things to Do Before Visiting Philadelphia Car Dealerships

It is exciting to purchase a new vehicle, even if you are selecting a used or certified pre-owned car or SUV. It can also be a very emotionally driven process, with many buyers in Philadelphia having a favorite car they have always wanted to own and drive
No matter why you are visiting car dealerships in the area, there are several things you should do before setting foot on the lot. Spending an hour or so on your computer will help you have the information you need to make an informed car buying choice.

Review Online Inventory

The internet makes it easy to preview new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles at any car dealerships in the Philadelphia area. Using the online comparison tool makes it easy to compare the features, performance, and options in multiple vehicles, helping you to narrow down your possible options.

Read Reviews

Reading reviews from independent auto magazines and reports provides general information on the specifics of the vehicle. There are also independent review sites that allow current owners to evaluate the vehicles and to also provide information on their experience at different car dealerships Philadelphia.

Get Pre-Approval for Financing

Using the dealership’s secure financing application, consider getting pre-qualification for financing before you arrive. This streamlines the purchase process and also provides a clear picture of your vehicle purchase price range.

Schedule a Test Drive

Finally, call ahead to schedule a test drive in the vehicles on your shortlist. This helps the dealership be prepared while also reducing the time you spend waiting.

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