Oct 13, 2012

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Things To Consider While Hiring Roofing Contractors In Norfolk

Roofs play an important role in determining the strength of a house. Since they are overlying exterior components, they protect us from rain, harsh weather conditions, theft, natural disasters and other outside components. Additionally, modern day roofs are installed with solar cells that capture and store sun’s energy for heating and electrical power generation. Therefore, it is important for a customer to select the best roofing materials and tools while getting the roof constructed. Similarly, one must hire the best contractor if you are building a new home.

It is necessary for a client to be familiar with the process of roof installation before hiring a roofing contractor in Norfolk.

About Roofing

Roofing not only checks the entry of external elements but also maintains a stable temperature and air pressure inside. Besides, it improves the aesthetic worth of a home or commercial building.

Roofs are made of 3 basic elements- the trusses or beams (which are underlying structures), the roofing belt or shingles (also known as roofing membranes) and the overlying exterior features (that includes chimneys, vents, flashing and pipes).

Hence, proper materials and skilled labor is necessary when it comes to roof installation.

History of Roofing

Tegula and Imbrex were one of the oldest roofing materials used in ancient Rome. Romans were famous for giving the first roofing style to the world. Their roofs were a combination of curved linking materials, ceramic plates and weather-proof membranes.

Spanish were known for their curved ceramic roofs which was a significant part of Santa Fe architectural style for home construction.

Lastly, the Christians were known for steep conical roofs that are still a part of medieval churches and forts.


Various roofing agencies based in Norfolk use different materials for construction. The raw elements vary from straw to gamut, wood, metal, ceramic and processed stone. They use different weatherproof coatings like rubber, asphalt shingles and metal alloys for adding a stroke of perfection to their roofs.

Fastening Method

Modern day roofing contractors in Norfolk use corrugated metal sheets and shingles to design their desired roofs.

Asphalt shingles are used for constructing residential structures. They consist of an underlying layer made of fiberglass or paper which is quoted with a secondary layer made of ceramic granules or asphalt.

Wooden roofs act as good insulators; they are attractive however they are vulnerable to termite attacks, fire hazards and earthquakes.

Metal roofs are made of aluminum and zinc alloys. They are attractive, glossy, durable and long lasting. They are cheaper alternatives to rubber of wooden roofs and can be installed with ease. However, there is a downside to metallic roofing. It produces sound when snow or the pouring torrents hit its surface.

Other than these, cheap roofing materials like hot tar and spray foam may also be used for constructing commercial or industrial roofs since they are heat and pressure resistant.

A customer should get familiar with the basic structure of roof, its installation procedures and tools because it helps him in maintenance as well as lets you determine the cost of labor of installation.


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