Sep 19, 2016

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Things to consider when hiring a masonry contractor

Things to consider when hiring a masonry contractor

If you have been considering repairing or adding to the hardscape around your home you will probably be looking for qualified masonry contractors in Chicago to do the work. Masonry work takes considerable skill, the contractor you hire must not only be capable of doing the job; he must be capable of doing it right. Before you commit to any contractor it might be useful to know what questions you should ask.

  • License and insurance: A valid license means the contractor can perform work of this nature in Chicago and environs. While you are talking about the legalities it is also a good time to ask for proof of liability and workers comp insurance.

  • Scope of work: Knowing that you want a new patio, walkway or wall constructed is one thing, having the design established is something else again. The best masonry contractors in Chicago are not only masters at their trade, they can be of tremendous help in the design. Professional masons are well aware of what materials can be used and how they can be used; they can work with you to meet your expectations. The contractor should be in a position to offer advice on design features and materials that compliment your thinking and your taste.

  • Materials: There are many different materials used in hardscaping, not every masonry contractor has the expertise to work with them all. Make sure the contractor knows how to work with the materials you have in mind. There is a considerable difference in the skills required to pour cement slabs versus the skills required to build a natural stone wall.

There is a lot to think about to ensure you get the best masonry contractors in Chicago. Knowing a few questions to ask will help you find the ideal contractor for the job you are planning.

If you are planning a hardscape project around your home you will need to hire masonry contractors in Chicago who can turn your dream into reality. You are invited to discuss your hardscape plans with Fortune Restoration.


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