Dec 4, 2014

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Things To Consider When Choosing An Auto Repair Shop

There would be very few cars indeed that went from the showroom floor to the scrap yard many years later without ever having to need at least one, and oftentimes more, major repairs. Knowing this to be pretty much a reality the question becomes; where do you take your car when you need auto repair in Inkster MI? There will be some shops that offer a lower estimated repair cost but the keep your car in the shop for what seems weeks on end. On the other hand there are shops that can get the repair done quicker but the price may be considerably higher. In truth, choices may have to be made between cost, timeliness of service and quality.

One of the most important aspects of choosing an auto repair shop is the reputation they have locally. Most auto repair services in Inkster MI are owned and operated by local residents who become quite well known in the community. It will always pay to ask around; ask the people you work with, other local business owners you deal with and your friends where they take their cars for service and repair. Another good indication of a shops reputation is the number of cars in the service bays as well as outside waiting for repair. It is quite reasonable to assume that the busier an auto repair shop is, the better it is.

Different repair shops provide different levels of service. New car dealership service centers are at the top of the list. The mechanics and technicians that work in a dealer service center are factory trained by the vehicle manufacturer the dealer represents, this makes them extremely knowledgeable on the specific vehicle and they have ready access to OEM parts. The downside is twofold; if your car is a different make than the manufacturer they represent they will not have had unique training and no matter what vehicle, you can expect to pay quite a high price.

Local auto repair services in Inkster MI are the next level. The mechanics and technicians working in the better local shops, such as, will all be certified and their certificates are normally displayed in the service area. Since these local shops are not associated with any particular manufacturer the mechanics are free to use aftermarket parts when feasible. In most cases the repair charges will be considerably less as the mechanics tend to charge by actual labor hours and not by the time suggested in repair manuals.

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