Dec 4, 2015

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Things to consider when booking your LA helicopter tour

Things to consider when booking your LA helicopter tour

If you are vacationing in Los Angeles or call the city home, there are some wonderful things about LA that are best seen from the air. There are so many things to be seen including the iconic Hollywood sign that has been seen in untold numbers of movies, the fabulous Pacific Ocean coastline and beaches, the Santa Monica Pier, Sunset Strip and so much more. If you and your friends or family or looking for a way to see the unparallel beauty and diversity of the area then there is no better way than from Los Angeles Helicopters.

There are numerous companies offering tours of the city from the air, when you are preparing to book your tour there are a few important things to discuss to ensure that you get the most of your exciting time over Las Angeles.

1. The pilot’s experience: Needless to say the pilot of your helicopter must be fully trained and licensed. Don’t hesitate to ask the company that you are considering about their training program for their pilots, of particular importance are ongoing training and checks on flight safety. It is extremely important for pilots to be aware of the latest safety practices.

2. Tour offerings: There is a great deal to be seen in and around Los Angeles. You will want to book with a company offering Los Angeles Helicopter tours that offers a variety of destinations which should include the option of a Hollywood tour, Malibu Coast tour, a tour of the city after dark or tours that include everything that LA has to offer.

3. Aerial photography: One of the benefits of a helicopter tour is a chance to see the city as most people never do. You will want to take aerial photos of all the sights that you will be exposed to. Find out before you book if the tour company is experienced in aerial photography and if they can help you get perfect shots. Being located in the heart of the US motion picture industry you should be able to find a company that offers this service to professional photographers, this of course will benefit you with your photo taking efforts.

Los Angeles Helicopter tours can be an experience that you will remember for your lifetime. There is no better way to see LA than a birds-eye view from a luxurious, well maintained helicopter which is piloted by a skilled and knowledgeable pilot.

Los Angeles Helicopters are the ideal way to see the city and surrounding area as many never will. For the most unforgettable experience you are invited to book your tour with Lite Flight Helicopters.

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