Aug 16, 2018

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Monument in Connecticut

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Monument in Connecticut

When a loved one passes away, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed. This period can be even more difficult for the ones in charge of making funeral arrangements and the other decisions on behalf of the deceased. However, with some planning, the burden can be a little lighter. An example is understanding the ins and outs of Monuments in Connecticut. There are rules and regulations enforced by each cemetery. Consider these factors before purchasing a new grave marker.

Size Requirements

Just about all cemeteries will provide guidelines about the required sizes for headstones. It will be determined by the type of plot that is being used. There are single, companion, or cremation plots. Due to this, the management of the cemetery will advise on the minimum and maximum sizes of monuments allowed. Once this information is known, it is time to start making some decisions.

Restrictions About Color

Be certain there is a clear understanding of any color restrictions the cemetery may have for the monument. Some are specific and only allow the use of granite or bronze. This is usually based on the location of the grave. Also, don’t forget that some designs can only be done with certain colors. An example is laser etchings and hand artistry that will work best with dark colored granite. If the cemetery isn’t going to allow this dark color, then know up front that a different design will need to be selected.

Fees & Paperwork

Last, ensure that all of the fees have been paid and any paperwork about the headstone has been completed. Some cemeteries have a fee to set the monument that has to be paid before the delivery of the headstone. There can also be authorization forms and photo release documents. Having all of these items taken care of will prevent any delays when the day for the placement of the marker gets to the site.

When the time comes to choose Monuments in Connecticut, rely on compassionate and professional craftsmen to complete the project. The experts at Shelley Brothers Monuments have proudly served Connecticut for over 170 years. They will take care of all of the details. Contact us for additional information.


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