Jul 7, 2015

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Things a Customer Could Look for Before Calling for Roof Repairs in Orland Park, IL

Things a Customer Could Look for Before Calling for Roof Repairs in Orland Park, IL

As part of normal maintenance of a home, there may occasionally be a need to repair the roof. This article will address signs that will specifically point out such a need. Because the replacement of an entire roof can be costly, knowing how to catch the signs of a roofing problem will be a cost saver in the long run. There is a contractor that does Roof Repairs in Orland Park, Illinois who has seen many roofing issues that could have been headed off early on. Here are some of these issues.

  • The most common problem homeowners will experience with roofing (especially the BUR systems) is leaking. Leaks in the built-up roofing systems usually occur around the flashing. Perhaps the flashing was not properly installed. The fact is over 95% of roofing leaks are with the flashing. Even roofs with single ply will experience leaks if the seams are improperly installed.
  • Another way more expensive roofing issues can be avoided is with ponding water. If the water is quickly removed from the roof, the life of the roof will be extended. To avoid ponding issues to begin with, the roof should be ensured to be built with a slope with tapered insulation (for dead-level roofs).
  • Another thing that can be avoided with single ply roofing is the problem that occurs with a lot of foot traffic on the roof. Punctures will cause the roof system to be compromised.
  • With built-up roofing, the problems of splitting, surface erosion, ridging and blistering will lead to bigger problems if not addressed immediately. Single ply roofing will at times present with shrinkage problems (such as flashing pulling away).

Mueller Roofing, Inc. has been offering roofing solutions for many customers in the Orland Park and Joliet, Illinois areas for several years. For those problems that have escalated into something serious, the company provides help around-the-clock. Among the services are leaking repairs, tarping, shingle replacement, and replacement of gutters. The advanced technology the contractor uses allows for customers to receive the services at lower rates than others. If you are looking for a contractor to do Roof Repairs in Orland Park, visit the website of Mueller Roofing at muellerroofinginc.com. On the website, browse to where you are directed to click for more info.

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