There is no need to fight with carpet stains

It can become very tiring attempting to get out nasty stains and odors from the carpet, but if done correctly it can be easy, leaving your carpet smelling fresh again. The carpet cleaner in Los Angeles can get deep inside the carpet and pull out ground in dirt that the vacuum just can’t reach. If you are having a company carpet cleaned you would want to do this on a six month rotation due to the amount of traffic the carpet is getting and in your household it can be done 12-18 months because it’s not getting as much use, but you have to consider pets, and how many people are in your house.

Carpet cleaning methods:

There are a few methods that are used by a carpet cleaner in Los Angeles. The cleaner can be dry powder, a foam, shampooing or steam cleaning. No matter which method you decide to use make sure you test it on a piece or a corner of your carpet as to make sure it doesn’t change color or damage the carpet in any way. Look into the cost of each method as the more detergents or power needed, the greater the cost will be. Remember you will need to keep your carpet free of traffic to give it time to dry but with thin carpet it should dry quicker than a thicker pile.

Dry powder has an odor to freshen the room and can be dry within 30 minutes. Just shake and sprinkle onto the carpet, brush into the carpet to make sure it gets into the pile and then vacuum thoroughly.
Foam carpet cleaning can remove stains that are hard to get out, such as red wine, coffee and tea stains, and if you have pets or any other tough odors, this method will leave your carpet smelling fresh and new again. Once dry then vacuum thoroughly.

Carpet shampooing:

Shampooing the carpet is used more often by professionals but nothing should deter you from bringing in the professionals every 18-24 months to get your carpet looking fresh and new. The carpet cleaner in Los Angeles makes sure not to over water the carpet as this can lead to mold and added problems. This method takes longer to dry as extra water is being used. If you happen to have wooden furniture that sits on the carpet then try to remove it off so the carpet can dry fully, this is also done so there is no damage to the wood.

Steam cleaning gives the carpet a very deep clean which removes all the dirt and those nasty odors that hang about even after vacuuming.

Sometimes there just isn’t any time to wait for the carpets to dry so to give it some extra help, add a few fans. In any case ask the professional carpet cleaner in Los Angeles and they can answer any questions you may have.


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