Apr 21, 2015

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There is More to Painting Than Just a Nice Colour

As a commercial property manager or owner you have a lot to consider when it comes to maintenance. You want to keep your building looking its best but you also are faced with keeping a sharp watch on the bottom line. Although appearance is important, the functionality and productivity of a commercial building is equally, if not more important. Any refurbishing must be done with the tenants in mind, keeping the disruption to a minimum. A good commercial painter in Edmonton can help attain all the goals; a fresh new look with minimum downtime.

You will want your commercial property to be welcoming and appealing to visitors regardless of whether you wish to establish your brand or to convey a certain image. Nothing creates a better first impression than a neat and attractive appearance. A commercial painter is the best to consult when it comes to current colour trends in the business you’re in and how these colours can be used to set the mood. If your business is a spa you will want colours that are soothing, if however your business is a factory you will be looking for vibrant, energetic colours.

You will want a commercial painter in Edmonton who consistently uses the best paint and materials available to ensure an attractive result and one that will wear well. The best commercial paints should last at least five years. With all their experience and exposure to the industry a commercial painter will be able to suggest the best paint for indoor and outdoor use as well as wall and floor paints for high traffic areas.

The best paint job starts at the beginning, with surface preparation. You will want a professional painter who will take care of all the preparation details including pressure washing the surface, scrape peeling paint, repair and damage caused by water, mold, rust or graffiti.

As the building owner or manager, nobody knows the use or traffic flow in the building better than you. Discuss with the commercial painter in Edmonton how he and his crew will do their work with minimal disruption or inconvenience. A commercial painting contractor should be service oriented and must have no problem in suggesting off-hours work or other flexible scheduling. Also consider what safety measures the painters plan on putting in place, it is extremely important that the buildings occupants, equipment and furnishings are well protected against harm and damage.

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