The Ways Professional Cremation Services Help Bereaved Families In Bellevue Wa

Cremation is becoming a more attractive option for final arrangements following the death of a loved one. Cremation is a more economical alternative to traditional internment. It allows for more flexibility for the family with respect to funerary planning. And it allows for a more natural return to the earth than traditional burial allows.

When cremation is chosen as the option for the deceased, the director asks only a few simple questions to satisfy state legal requirements. These are fairly standard, such as identification of the deceased and next-of-kin, the circumstances of the death, name of the doctor who confirmed the death, and whether the authorities were notified. In most cases, these queries are quickly satisfied and the body released to the care of the cremation service, usually within 48 hours. The staff will ask for a photo of the deceased for identification purposes during the appointment to make the arrangements.

Once the proper authorizations are filled out, the actual cremation can then proceed. Because only a flammable yet rigid container is required to house the body for the actual procedure, the family does not have to stand the expense of an actual casket. The family may opt for a pre-cremation service which includes a viewing, or they may choose to go straight to the cremation itself. This allows the family to decide upon the actual memorial arrangements at a time, place, and expense level of their choosing. The ability to delay a memorial until the bereaved are able to emotionally endure the service can be a great comfort at a most trying time, by relieving them of the necessity of making all those arrangements at once.

Cremation takes place within 3 to 5 business days of the receipt of the body at the facility. The actual process takes only two hours at most to completely reduce the remains to ashes, which are then placed within an urn. The family can collect the urn at any time or even have it mailed to them by Priority Mail for a slight additional charge. The staff can also assist with writing an obituary and selecting either a small piece of ground at a cemetery or a niche within a columbarium for the final inurnment. So choosing cremation services in Bellevue Wa to help you with the final arrangements for your loved one may be the best decision to make.

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