Feb 26, 2014

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The Vital Importance of Making Sure You Maintain Your Furnace in Clinton

Many people rely on a well-functioning gas furnace to provide heat for their homes during the colder months. Unfortunately, some of those same people fail to have regular maintenance performed on their furnace so that it continues to run well. While having a malfunctioning furnace could simply mean that you won’t be warm this winter, it could also mean that you’re putting your family at risk because of the dangerous situations a broken furnace can create. If you’re attempting to save money by not having your furnace serviced, here’s why you could find yourself in a bad situation due to lack of maintenance:
Carbon Monoxide
One of the most serious issues that can arise with a malfunctioning furnace is that you are increasing your chances of carbon monoxide poisoning. While small amounts of carbon monoxide are naturally produced during the combustion process, it can become deadly if your furnace is producing large amounts of it because of things like insufficient ventilation or the gas pressure being too high. In this way, having your furnace serviced could be the one thing that saves your life.
Expensive Energy Bills
When your furnace isn’t functioning well, it has to work much harder in order to produce the same level of warmth to which you have become accustomed. This means that your furnace will be using up more energy than usual every single time you turn it on. Though this may not mean much to you initially, you may be surprised when you begin receiving energy bills that are noticeably higher, especially in those winter months. Consequently, getting your furnace serviced every year can actually mean more savings for you.
Reduced Life Cycle
Eventually, your malfunctioning furnace will turn into a non-functioning furnace. If you choose not to maintain your furnace by having it serviced on a regular basis and spending the necessary money for repairs, you’ll actually be shelling out even more money to have it replaced. Your furnace is much more intricate than you think, and even one small issue can lead to replacing it sooner than expected.
If you want your Furnace in Clinton to continue to work properly, you must commit to regular maintenance. If you’d like to keep your costs low and your family safe, East River Energy will let you know how you can work with a caring professional to make sure your home stays heated this winter.

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