Aug 13, 2014

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The Versatility of Concord Grape Vines For Sale

For the home grape grower it is hard to imagine a better option to buy than Concord grapes. If you find Concord grape vines for sale they are a terrific addition to any garden or vineyard because they are so versatile. These dark blue, large sized grapes are easy to grow and produce lots of fruit, perfect for an occasional snack or even to make amazing blended wine.

Originally developed from Vitis Labrusca, a very old and established grape species, Concord grape vines for sale can be added to a garden to produce table grapes, juice grapes and of course in the making of a variety of different types of wines. This is a popular grape for making jelly as well as grape juice and can be used in cooking and candy making to create a very strong grape flavor.

Hardy Grapes

One of the reasons that Concord grape vines for sale are so popular is because this is a cold tolerant grape compared to some of the other options. They can be grown throughout most of the central to southern parts of the United States as well as along both coasts. Concord grapes are also grown up into the southern parts of western Canada, making this a very hardy grape to say the least.

Generally considered an ideal match for zones 4 through 9, Concord grapes don’t need the intense summer heat to produce lush fruit. The key is to make sure that the grape vines are planted in well-aerated and very well drained soil, as wet conditions are not favorable to the growth of any type of grape. As this is a native variety to the northeastern United States, it is a great variety for most growers throughout the country.

Buy Established Vines

Ideally when you find Concord grape vines for sale at choose a seller that is offering established grape vines. Most top sellers only sell vines are that are two years of age. This means they are ready to produce and are healthy vines when they arrive at your door. Believe it or not, these grapes will even do well growing on a fence line in a garden. Just remember that the fence has to be designed to handle the weight of the vines and the fruit throughout the growing season.

If you find Concord grape vines for sale, they are a great addition to any garden or vineyard. While they do require care in the first few years of growth, they are a great producer of grapes for all uses.

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