Feb 20, 2014

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The various types of baseball conditioning drills

Every sport has game specific methods of conditioning, baseball is no different. The game includes many exercises which are game specific as well as position specific, such as baseball pitching drills. Examples of the exercises are those which are designed to build player endurance and strength, especially in the throwing arm, exercises that focus on eye-hand coordination and general exercises that improve the overall physical fitness of the athlete. As baseball is a game which can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels; from sand lot to the Majors, the physical expectations are grossly different, but regardless of that, all players must prepare for the game in such a manner that they can sustain their performance from the opening game of the season through the eventual championships.

Baseball conditioning includes a host of exercises; they are all designed in one way or another to improve the player’s ability. Many of the exercises are based around cardio workouts which focus on the player’s dexterity and stamina. Although the ability to run is extremely important, the most practiced form of conditioning focuses on the players throwing arm, power as well as accuracy is of paramount importance in the game of baseball. Although every position demands these skills, there is little doubt that baseball pitching drills are most important when you consider the number of pitches thrown in a game, the variety of pitches and the velocity.

Pitchers, without a doubt, have the most painstaking regimen in all of baseball conditioning. Pitchers and catchers are the first to begin training in the new season and during the course of the season the training that they are subjected to is the most intensive. Pitchers are constantly involved in exercise routines that strengthen their throwing arm as well as the mechanics associated with the various types of pitches expected of them. The demands on the arm, elbow and wrist is much different for a slider than it is for a fastball. The pitchers arm must be capable of sustaining repetitive motion; the exercises that the pitcher is faced with are designed to increase wrist strength which is the key to throwing off-speed pitches. As much as pitchers focus on arm training, they must also work on their dexterity as they are often called upon to field their position with accuracy and speed.

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