Feb 5, 2016

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The Value Of STR Rims For JDM Style Wheels

The Value Of STR Rims For JDM Style Wheels

The increasing popularity of JDM styles of wheels, or wheel designed specifically for the Japanese domestic market needs, makes the STR rims some of the hottest selling rims in the market today.

Unlike some wheels, STR rims aren’t just a rim that works for the JDM style, they are a rim specifically designed to incorporate the features, the sizes and the style and design that are inherent in Japanese vehicles both as OEM and as aftermarket wheels.

Unique Design Options

Originally, the aftermarket demand for JDM styles of wheels was almost exclusively a response to drivers looking for wheels for street racing and drifting. They needed durable, strong but very lightweight wheels that offered not just those functional properties, but that also added to the overall style and look of the vehicle.

Today, the STR rims offered that honor that original demand for JDM styles of wheels. While now a part of the mainstream demand for wheels, these styles are nevertheless more detailed, more design oriented and sportier looking than many of the other wheels on the market.

Typically the sizes of STR rims include the smaller wheels found on vehicles such as Hondas, Nissans, Mitsubishis and Subaru types of vehicles. This includes the fifteen and seventeen-inch sizes in most models and design options, but there are also eighteen to twenty-two inch models that are easy to find on top online wheel websites.

Colors to Consider

While there are a many different STR rims designs that are the classic chrome and black of solid black, white, silver or chrome, there are also some very unique color options. Gold is a popular color either with black, white or silver, and adds that touch of uptown to any ride.

Styles and design of STR rims include some amazing color options including a bright green, orange or blue often combined with black or white for the base color on the rims to really make the color pop.

Spoke style range from the minimal and streamlined five-spoke designs to the more elaborate multi-spoke designs that are perfect with the brightly colored combinations. Another very popular design includes the STR rims with the very large center and the wide, short spokes which gives the wheel a more substantial look without making it look heavy and out of balance.

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