Jan 22, 2016

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The Uses for Custom Barricade Tape

There are a number of uses for custom barricade tape. Police officers typically have custom barricade tape in their vehicles for a number of reasons. Most people associate this with crime scene tape that you see on television when someone has been murdered. However, barricade tape is used for a variety of different aspects of the police officer’s job.

Danger – Do Not Enter
Custom barricade tape is beneficial because you can have it customized to say exactly what you want it to say. It is most commonly used with police officers are trying to get people to stay out of a certain area if there is something dangerous behind the tape. Sometimes this includes a chemical spill or a hole that someone could fall into, or something else dangerous that people should stay away from. They are not always used for crime scenes. They are also used as a method to block off an area that is dangerous.

Crime Scene
One of the most common uses of custom barricade tape is to block off a crime scene. It can be any type of crime scene from where someone’s body was found or evidence for a crime. This tape is used to keep people from interfering with the area and touching anything. Everything related to a crime scene must stay in place and should not be tampered with. There are fingerprints and other crime-related documents and items that should not be touched or messed with. Crime scene tape is kept in police cars, police stations, and anywhere that a crime may take place.

Where to Get Crime Scene Tape
There are a number of different places in which you can buy custom barricade tape. There are websites available online that are focused totally on police car and station equipment. There are some stores that you can purchase these items in person but much of this equipment has to be purchased online in bulk. You will need to talk to your superior to see how you can order custom barricade tape that can be used for a number of different purposes. Even there are some fun uses for this tape, it is primarily used for crime-based purposes.

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