The Use Of Centella Asiatica Extract

There are different traditional plants and medicinal treatments that rise to popularity in modern products. An excellent example of this is the current use of Centella Asiatica extract in a variety of beauty and pharmaceutical products.
Centella Asiatica is a plant that is native to Asia but can be found outside of the region, including in South Africa and the South Pacific. It is most commonly known as Gotu Kola or Indian pennywort. It is also sometimes known as marsh pennywort and tends to thrive in wet, damp, and marshy conditions. With its distinctive fan-shaped leaves and small pink to white flowers, it is a natural ingredient that offers a wealth of benefits.

Pharmaceutical Use

Centella Asiatica extract is used in both supplements as well as pharmaceutical products for a range of different conditions. Studies have shown it has the potential to improve blood flow and reduce the complications of varicose veins and venous insufficiency in the legs.
The extract of the plant contains triterpenoids. These compounds are linked to faster would healing through increasing blood supply, increasing antioxidant levels in the blood, and enhancing skin strength. When combined with salves and ointments, it is used to treat minor wounds, burns, psoriasis, eczema, and other types of skin inflammation and irritation.

Beauty Products

The same factors that make Centella Asiatica extract a benefit to pharmaceutical products also make it a natural addition to skin treatment and beauty products. Centella Asiatica is linked to increased collagen production, better blood circulation, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Compounds in the Centella Asiatica are also linked to increasing the skin barrier, helping to reduce moisture loss while also improving skin texture and reducing discoloration.

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