Nov 21, 2016

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The Types Of Breathing Air Rental Options And Why Renting Is Best

The Types Of Breathing Air Rental Options And Why Renting Is Best

Primarily, you have two choices when considering breathing air rental options. You can choose supplied airs and air-purifying respirators, and each offers their own advantages and disadvantages. A purifying respirator just takes the dirty things out of the atmosphere, such as contaminants, dust, tiny debris and more. While this can work well in some cases, clean, breathable options are necessary for asbestos abatement, spray-painting needs, tunneling and chemical work. Plus, you’ll have more protection than with a purifying respirator.

Reduce Storage Needs

When you’re dealing with oxygen tanks, you must ensure that they are kept separate from other things and that there is nothing flammable or hot nearby. Likewise, you must have room for all the extra equipment, such as hoses, regulators and more. Plus, if you require a large or small trailer, it can be even harder to store everything.

Save Money

Another excellent reason to consider breathing air rental is to save money. You may only have one job that requires you to remove asbestos or deal with chemicals. Afterward, you may not need these supplies for a few weeks or months. Instead of buying all the equipment for use intermittently, you can save money by renting it as needed.

Likewise, you won’t have to deal with all the equipment repairs and replacements, which can also save money.

No Maintenance

Maintaining your equipment is essential, and you’ve probably got hundreds of machines and items that you already have to maintain. Instead of adding more to the list, you can consider breathing air rental options as they are needed. The items are already repaired, and in good condition, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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