The Top Tween Girls Clothing Your Tween Needs

Tween girls, it seems, always seem to need new clothing. They are always looking for the new trends. However, there are some specific items that your daughter will need to make it through the school year or the summer.


Your tween daughter will need some tops that look great and fit her well. She should have plenty of sleeveless tops for summer because they are cooler and they will look great with those other summer outfits. Whether she is into colorful tie-dyes, textured knits, mesh or chiffon, she can find what she loves. Crop tops are definitely in right now. In most cases, the crop is like a regular tee, but slightly more fitted and shorter.

Another choices for tops include short sleeve or long-sleeve tops for the cooler months. There are many styles available, lace tops or button downs for a dressier look or layering tanks and tees. She can enjoy mixing and matching colors, textures and lengths.


Bottoms are all the rage, from winter to summer. Think outside of the box of denim. Skirts, leggings and shorts can be comfortable to wear and so much fun to match together with tops. Try something bold and pair leggings with a skirt for a funky or edgy look. You can also use during the colder months to add an extra layer of warmth under other bottoms and/or skirts.

Fem and flirty is back! Skirts are another great alternative to pants. Pleats have also made a comeback, so look for those details when shopping online or in stores. Long maxi dresses are also very hot right now. Picture your daughter finally wearing a dress…how cute!

Tween girl’s clothing have so many options, from cute tops, dresses to shorts and skirts. Consider visiting Butterflies & Zebras today and find fashionable outfits for your tween.

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