The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Single Dating Sites

A lot of people think online dating is the key to finally finding true love. But here are top 3 reasons why you’ll want to ditch these sites and hire a matchmaking service to find you dates instead.

Information security

When you join a dating site, you put your information out there. That means everything has access to confidential and private information about you. That’s not safe. You could be opening yourself up to identity fraud and theft. If you want to meet people without putting your private information in jeopardy, then engage the services of a matchmaker.

Personal safety

A lot of people lie on their profiles all the time, the Psychology Today says. That often makes it hard to tell if someone is really who they say they are. You’ve got no guarantees that they’re telling the truth. Everything may seem perfect on your first date. But what if you’re being taken in by a con? Finding love doesn’t mean putting your safety at risk. Make that happen by getting a matchmaker instead. Matchmakers check the background of your dates and vet them, so you won’t need to worry about meeting someone who may be out to scam you or trick you all along.

Better compatibility

Experienced matchmakers bring more to the table than an algorithm. They make nuanced decisions. They consider what you want out of a person and your relationship. That means one of the things they look for is compatibility. If you feel like you and the other person just click the moment you start talking, part of that magic is because your matchmaker took the time and effort to pair you up with someone who’s emotionally compatible with you. If you want that kind of assistance, then start looking for a reputable matchmaker to help you out.

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