Sep 26, 2017

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The Three Most Popular Services Offered By A Veterinary Hospital In Millersville

When a furry family member becomes injured or ill, it can cause a family to be thrown into disarray. Fortunately, a veterinarian hospital in Millersville will be there to provide expert medical care to ensure a dog or cat is in the best health possible. While a veterinary clinic will provide a broad range of services, the following represent those that are most requested and are most likely to be needed in an emergency situation.


It is often complicated to determine what is causing a dog or cat to be ill, but an x-ray can help identify any injuries that may be present on the inside. Most can perform x-rays of nearly every area of a pet’s body, which can make a difference when there is a suspected injury to a bone or internal damage. Don’t trust a vet that can’t conduct x-rays in-house, as it can delay the care that is so desperately needed in an emergency.

On-Site Lab Testing

Many doctors will want to do a series of lab work before they begin operating on a pet. After the blood is drawn, it is then processed in a series of machines that can help provide feedback on a pet’s white blood cell count, liver function, and hydration levels. This information can be critical to the veterinarian and allows them to make sure that a pet is healthy enough for surgery before they begin the procedure.

Surgical Suite

It is never possible to predict when an emergency will strike, but when it does time is of the essence. A pet owner should choose a veterinary hospital in Millersville that has an on-site surgical suite, so they can rest assured that their furry loved one will have access to the life-saving care they need. Be sure to find a clinic that can provide any surgery that may be necessary, so help is only a phone call away.

Choosing a vet can be complicated, but residents of the Millersville area have been trusting Gambrills Veterinary Center for more than 20 years. Contact them to learn more about the services they provide and take the first step in ensuring a furry loved one will have the medical care they need at a moments notice.

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