Dec 20, 2013

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The Steps You’ll Take With A Personal Injury Lawyer in Bremerton

Handling a personal injury can be difficult for practically anyone. Some injuries are only minor and may not even require any type of first aid. Other personal injuries can be much more severe and could require the expertise of medical doctors. However, nearly all personal injuries can be legally addressed if there was a negligent party that caused your injuries. Addressing the party at fault will require a Personal injury Lawyer in Bremerton.

The first thing you’ll need to do is speak with a lawyer about your incident. Thoroughly explain to them the circumstances of the incident and try to include as much detail as possible. Providing this information should give your lawyer a good idea of whether or not you have a good chance at pursuing your case. Usually, the purpose of pursuing a case like this is to receive monetary compensation for the damages and inconveniences you’ve sustained (i.e. injuries, medical bills, lost wages, property damage, etc.).

Just because your lawyer accepts your case doesn’t mean it’ll go to trial. Most lawyers will simply write a letter to the alleged negligent party which addresses the incident in question. In the letter your lawyer will discuss the damages you’ve sustained and will present a brief argument in your favor. The letter will also mention the fact that you’re attempting a lawsuit and that you’d like to settle out court. In some cases, defendants find it best to simply pay the settlement amount to avoid the hassles of further litigation. However, if the alleged negligent party refuses to accept your settlement amount, your lawyer will then proceed to take the case to trial.

Even if your case makes it to trial you can’t expect the judge to rule in your favor simply because you suffered injuries. At this point, you’ll need to prove that the alleged negligent party was at fault for your injuries, and that they had no right to injure you in the first place. You’ll also have to prove to what extent you were injured. Whether or not compensation will be awarded will ultimately depend on how well you and your lawyer present your case. If you were partly responsible for your damages, the compensation you receive will be reduced. Consult with Attorney Anthony Otto for further assistance.


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