Apr 1, 2013

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The Steps to Take before Bariatric Surgery in Fairfield County

If you have struggled with weight loss for a long period of time and have decided bariatric surgery in Fairfield County is the best route for you, there are certain steps you have to take to prepare for your surgery. Just as with any medical procedure, you will have many consultations with your surgeon. The difference with weight loss surgery is you might also have to consult with a nutritionist and psychologist to fully understand what you are about to undergo and the lifestyle you will need to lead. In addition, there are several changes you will need to make before you even have the surgery.

Stop Smoking

In the weeks that lead up to your surgery, you will have to start to prepare your body for the immense change it is about to undergo. One of the most important steps is the need to stop smoking at least 30 days before the procedure. Smoking is not only bad for your lungs, but it can also slow the healing process down, making recovery more complicated. Many surgeons believe the risk of pneumonia after surgery is also much higher for those who smoke.

Eat Healthy

Even though it is tempting to eat everything in sight before you undergo bariatric surgery in Fairfield County, it is not recommended. The best way to ease your body into the changes it is about to undergo is to start eating healthy weeks before you undergo the procedure. This enables your body to slowly adapt to the changes you are about to make.

Medication Changes

Always consult with your surgeon about any medications you currently take. Many medications are harmful to take during the days leading up to surgery. Others might be difficult to take after the surgery because of the immense changes that occur in your stomach. Your body might not be able to handle the same medications after the surgery. If you must take the medications, your surgeon might recommend you crush them to make them easier to digest after your surgery.

Bariatric surgery in Fairfield County is a life-altering change that requires many steps before the surgery even occurs to ensure its success. Consult with your surgeon about the need to quit smoking, change your dietary habits and what you should do about any current medications you take. The more informed you are about your procedure and how to make it successful, the happier you will be with the results in the long run.

For more information about bariatric surgery in Fairfield County, visit Dr. Elmer Valin online or call 1-203-867-5508.

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