Jun 20, 2014

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The Steps Before a Concrete Driveway is Poured in Murfreesboro, TN

The addition of a driveway is the addition of value to your home. This solid surface gives you a place to park and play. But before the concrete gets laid down, there are some preparation steps that have to be taken. These are some of the things that will happen before you get your new concrete driveway.

One of the first steps taken before a Concrete Driveway Murfreesboro TN is poured is to figure out the design of the driveway. The design is dependent upon where the entrance to the garage is, the configuration of the yard and the convenience of the homeowner in regards to parking. This means that each concrete driveway is unique in how it leads up to the home and there is no set design to choose from. But you can choose the final finished look and color of the concrete.

Once the design and placement of the driveway is determined, the next step is to clear the area. This means getting rid of old concrete or asphalt. It also means clearing the driveway of rocks and grass. The whole area is dug down to a predetermined depth. This process can mean bringing in the machinery that can move a lot of dirt quickly. Anything that can get in the way of the driveway is removed. Borders should be installed after the concrete is poured so that they don’t get damaged.

After the area is cleared, the supports for the concrete are built. These supports are typically constructed out of wood and are temporary. They are crafted to match the design of the driveway. If the driveway is curved, the wood maybe cut to accommodate the curves. They are removed once the concrete has hardened enough to hold its shape. Removing the supports will be among the last steps to a finished Concrete Driveway Murfreesboro TN.

These are the steps that happen before the concrete is poured into a driveway. For more information on the whole process of getting a concrete driveway for your home, Click here. A new concrete driveway adds value as well as beauty.

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