Mar 22, 2016

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The Stainless Steel Hoist – Lifting Heaving Loads and Resisting Corrosion

The Stainless Steel Hoist – Lifting Heaving Loads and Resisting Corrosion

Nothing seems to be in a vacuum these days. Everything seems to be open for pilfering, some things for shaking, nothing left to unbending. The world and its elements seem to be pregnable to itself and humanity’s touch causing a kind of fragility or frailty in the nature of things.

Yet, there are remnants of strength and fortitude that linger in existence and are sometimes amassed in the hard work of individuals and especially of those who engineer and put their minds and hands to work as well as to create and construct. When this takes place, the world and its elements surrender to the unmalleable will of mankind’s ability to build. This will is one of steel and ironically, in the travail of engineering, the stainless steel hoist in one tool that lift the heavy loads.

Better to Resist the Corroding Forces of Nature
The composition of the stainless steel hoist is determined by the main requirement of stainless steel being corrosion resistant for a specific application or environment. Stainless steel (SS) consists of iron alloys with a certain amount of chromium infusion. Other elements are added in to enhance structure and properties such as formidability, strength, and cryogenic toughness. In addition to the metal additives, there are non-metal additives. The purpose of stainless steel is longevity as well as strength of structure. This is extremely important when it comes to engineering and construction which often times must take place against the harshness of nature’s elemental forces.

The SS Hoist
One of the most pragmatic and astounding uses of stainless steel is the stainless steel hoist. This particular hoist allows for critical lifts after extended and lengthy periods of inactivity in corrosive environments. Additionally, the SS hoist features sealed gearing and oil bath lubrication that better suits the lift for long-term use.

The Use of the SS Hoist
Countless facilities and businesses, specifically those that focus on cleanroom applications such as food processing, and electronics manufacturing where contamination from rust or flaking cannot be accepted, use the SS hoist. These facilities and businesses engender the use and application of this hoist as a product that has set a new standard for corrosion resistant lifting.

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