The Special Programs Provided by Day Care in Valley Stream

Today’s day care programs are about much more than simple babysitting. Facilities such as Business Name include enrichment along with Day Care in Valley Stream. Experienced staff members provide a range of activities and special programs tailored to children’s development. These include:

* INFANTS: Working parents can relax and leave their babies in the care of experts who include plenty of cuddling, rocking, and loving care in infants Day Care in Valley Stream. The curriculum provides stimulation that includes many types of sensory input. Babies are taught sign language, as a first step in learning language skills. They are carefully nurtured in a safe environment, and parents get daily progress reports.

* TODDLER: Children as young as two are taught skills that help them become independent and respectful of others. They become comfortable in a classroom setting. The social program taught at Day Care in Valley Stream encourages toddlers to play well in groups, follow basic directions, recognize feelings, and more. Language development includes singing the ABC’s, clear communications, and identifying body parts. They refine motor skills by playing with dough, holding crayons, and running, climbing, and jumping.

* PRESCHOOL: Three and four year old children refine their behaviors and learn more self control while at Day Care in Valley Stream. They are introduced to basic math, computer skills, and music. Students learn to stay on task, play independently and with groups, and learn about books. They develop fine motor skills by stringing beads, completing puzzles, using scissors, and more.

* PRE-K: Children who are older than preschool but are not yet in school due to late birthdays can enroll in a Pre-K program that offers advanced skills. Classes produce at least the same results as public school kindergarten and may exceed them. Children refine their ability to cooperate, learn to write their names, and are taught to dress themselves. They are taught to cut neatly with scissors, color within lines, and trace. Pupils learn to skip, balance, walk backwards, and jump rope.

Daycare programs often provide much more than baby-sitting services. They can also offer special programs designed to nurture and develop infants, toddlers, preschool children, as well as pre-K students.

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