The Snatch Block – Safety and Functionality Considerations

Snatch blocks are somewhat different operationally than other types of pulleys and blocks. Snatch blocks make use of a cheek plate, which is a side plate that enables a cable to be inserted without the extra requirement of disconnecting fittings at the end of the wire. Reeving is the process involved when a line is placed into snatch block. An experienced wire rope and sling company can provide you with the options you need in terms of blocks and pulleys for your lifting applications.

Applications for Snatch Blocks

When the requirement is to move the load across a shorter distance is that the longer haul, snatch blocks are used to accomplish the task. The snatch block is so named to the fact that it functions in a recovery application through the use of a winch. The winch’s functionality is increased as a snatch block provides it with enhanced pulling strength. By using offset anchor point, the direction of the cable involved with the winch can be changed.

Safety Criteria

There are particular safety guidelines to keep in mind regarding style, weight, size when you are determining whether to use a snatch block for your application.

For instance:

• Evaluate the Work Load Limits (W LL) of snatch block or pulley and the wire rope. They must be compatible. Disastrous results away if either of these elements of the lifting scenario fails.

• Having a solid grasp on the load numbers is essential. The direct pull load may be reduced by one half the use of the snatch block. This is the case, it is vital to choose a rigging pulley that has the required load rating to cover for this absence.

• Size of the sheave snatch block must accommodate the diameter of the wire rope. If the sheave sizes too small for the wire rope, the block may crack under pressure. It is important to know the wire rope sheave size ratio that will safely contain the wire under loading conditions.

The process of choosing the right snatch blocks and associated equipment for any ringing situation can be complex and challenging. However, an experienced supplier of wire rope and sling equipment for lifting projects can help you make the right choice.

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