Nov 16, 2016

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The scrap metal industry

The scrap metal industry

What was once simply called the “junk yard” has emerged into a huge industry that plays a phenomenally important role. So much of what is produced is made from recyclable materials with glass, plastics; non ferrous and ferrous metals leading the way. Recycled materials play a huge role in reducing the demand for virgin material which in turn plays a big role in reducing the environmental impact of raw material extraction. How does a typical scrap yard function; who does it serve and how does the scrap get there in the first place?

Who does a scrap yard serve?

There is a wide variety of people and industries that provide the scrap material that is suitable for recycling. In some cases scrap metal pick up is provided as part of the service, in other cases the materials are delivered directly to the yard. Many trades generate scrap; electricians and plumbers, companies that demolish old buildings and manufacturers are but a few. Many customers of a typical scrap yard are homeowners themselves who have accumulated recyclable items such as appliances, old bikes, bits of wire and metal.

How does it work?

Businesses’ and homeowners, anyone that has scrap can arrange for scrap metal pick up or they can deliver scrap themselves. Scrap is valuable, once it arrives at the yard it is weighed by commodity, a value is assigned and the money is paid over. As the scrap yards accumulate more and more scrap they eventually deliver it to facilities that turn scrap into new, usable material.

Scrap yards focus on ferrous and non ferrous metals and what is commonly known as “e-scrap” which is basically electronic equipment and components that include a percentage of precious metals in their make-up.

Don’t make the mistake of mixing up a scrap yard and a waste disposal site. Scrap is a valuable commodity and scrap metal pickup and delivery are an important part of this multi-million dollar industry. Visit H&C Metals, Inc.

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