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The company (La Grange Crane Service) has for more than 50 years provided safe and reliable services to contractors in the Chicago area. We will work with you to make your project as smooth as possible. We recognize that our success depends on our customers’ satisfaction at all stages of our services. Our crane truck rental Illinois services are reliable and affordable.

Crane Truck Rental Illinois Certification

La Grange Crane Services, Inc has a Chicago WBE Certification, Illinois Department of Transportation DBE Certification, and Illinois FBE Certification. The family business operates 24/7, providing important emergency services and short and long-term work for experienced professionals.

Over the next few years, the telecommunications industry is poised to revolutionize the world and the market with 5G. MasTec Network Solutions is a global business in the telecommunications construction industry. La Grange Crane is MasTec’s exclusive equipment supplier in the Midwest, with industries across the United States.

Keeping MasTec’s customer network operational is a 24-hour responsibility. Millions of consumers depend on the network connections of service providers. Upholding the existing structure, improving the dilapidated towers, and introducing new cell sites is a practice only for professionals, hence La Grange Crane’s responsibility.

We appreciate your interest in La Grange Crane Service, Inc. We are available to answer any questions about any of our services. We hope to hear from you. Feel free to contact us through the provided form and hear from a certified La Grange representative. You can also visit our website for more information.

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