The Roofers In Fairfield CT Can Offer You A Variety Of Services

If you have just been through a major storm, the chances are you could have some roof damage. You should give a call to one of the best Roofers Fairfield CT has available. After storms, roofing companies quickly mobilize so that they can help protect your home from any more damage. They can get to your home and give your roof an inspection to let you know if it indeed has need of repairs. They will also be able to tell you if it is time to have your roof replaced.

If you have a composition shingle roof that is beyond repair, there is a possibility that a new set of shingles can be laid right over the old shingles. If this method has already been used once, you are probably looking at having to have the old roof torn off and a new one installed. Before that decision is made, the Roofers Fairfield CT will see if they can provide some repairs to stop the current leaks and see if they can replace just part of the shingles. If those measures aren’t going to make your roof safe for your family, they sit down with you and go over the options that you have available to you.

Replacing a roof consists of tearing off all of the old shingles, the tar paper under coating and the wood attached to the rafters of the old roof. Unless there is substantial wood rot, the old rafters can be used to support the new roof. The plywood and tar paper will be laid first and the the shingles you have chosen laid last. In addition to standard asphalt or composition shingles, you could choose cedar shakes or even ceramic tiles as the final layer to your new roof. The choice is up to the homeowner, after they have taken into consideration what kind of roofs are found in the neighborhood.

In addition to doing roof repairs and replacements, professional roofing companies are able to install skylights or install gutters if the homeowner wants a gutter system for added safety to both the roof and the ground where rain water runs off. Most of those same companies can offer vinyl siding installation or home trim installation or repairs. They may even offer window additions or replacement services. Do your research carefully and choose the best roofing company that can meet your needs.

Fairfield County Exteriors is the name you can trust for outstanding roofing , gutters , siding , and more in Fairfield, CT, and the nearby areas.

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