Apr 24, 2018

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The Role of Canadian Pipeline Companies in Oilfield Construction

The Role of Canadian Pipeline Companies in Oilfield Construction

Creating an oilfield in the modern day is no simple task. Not only do oilfields have to be large, productive and profitable, but they also have to meet numerous government regulations for safety and health that didn’t exist a generation ago. To meet these requirements – and the energy needs of Canada and much of the rest of the world – it’s important to work with a professional pipeline company.

What a Pipeline Company Does

The staff and management of a pipeline company do more than just fit and lay pipes for transporting crude and processed oil and gas products. From planning and preparation to implementation of building projects, these companies are almost solely responsible for the construction process. In addition, pipeline companies often also provide assistance with meeting and maintaining adherence to Canadian and worldwide regulations for health and safety. All of this, plus repairing equipment, providing cleaning services as needed and helping these businesses to expand and create new facilities is part of the everyday job of the people who work for Canadian pipeline companies.

Safety First

While growth and production are crucial to the business of petroleum mining and refining, there is nothing more important in the field of oilfield construction and maintenance than safety. Alberta pipeline contractors focus on safety above all things, ensuring that the environment that oilfield employees work in is both safe and comfortable, as well as productive and profitable. This expert balancing act is something only an experienced industry member is capable of, making hiring a reputable pipeline company a must for any company looking to build or expand their oilfield presence in Canada.

When you’re ready to begin building, hire locally. Only an Alberta pipeline contractor will be able to give you the experienced touch your project needs. Contact your nearest provider today and begin supplying the world with the energy they need – and the business you want!


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