Jun 24, 2015

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The Right Way To Test Drive A Used Car

The Right Way To Test Drive A Used Car

The most important part of the process of buying used cars in Mokena is the test drive. Just like any other test drive there are a few tips to make the experience pleasant and meaningful. The primary reason you test drive the car is that you have the opportunity to make an analysis of the vehicles functionality and condition and in the process have an opportunity to ask the salesman who will accompany you any questions about the vehicles history.

When you first get in the vehicle there are a couple of must do things. Politely tell the salesman that you would appreciate a lull in the conversation when you are getting a feel for the road noise and wind rush noise that may be evident in the car. Also, take the car on a host of different road surfaces; drive the car as if it was already yours. Take it over roads that are full of potholes as well as roads that are as smooth as silk, take it up hill and around tight curves. The idea of the test drive is for you to convince yourself that this is really the car you want.

During the test drive there are things that are more important than others to pay attention to.

   * Acceleration: Press both easy and hard on the accelerator, does the car hesitate or jerk? You are looking for smooth acceleration under all conditions.

   * Alignment: Bring the car up to about 20 miles per hour and take both hands off the steering wheel. Do this experiment on a relatively smooth surface. If the car veers either left or right then there is a possible problem with alignment.

   * Braking: With the engine off pump the brake pedal, with your foot on the pedal turn the engine on. With power brakes you will feel the pedal go down a bit. Stand on the brakes hard for about a minute, if the pedal sinks further it may mean a faulty master cylinder.

   * Steering: The car must respond instantly to your steering instructions. If possible find a large lot and put the car through a series of turns.

   * Suspension and handling: This is a check of the overall soundness of the car, it should run rattle free, be easy to steer, not sway or lurch to one side or another. This is when you drive the car as you normally will and use all your senses.

If the used cars in Mokena pass these simple tests you can be relatively sure that you will be getting a car that will provide years of trouble free service.

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