The Responsibilities of Companies who Specialize in Construction Cleanup in Pompano FL

When construction has begun, it is often not part of a contractor’s responsibilities to provide construction cleanup in Pompano FL after the job completion. A contractor is responsible for taking and clearing away his or her tools but cleaning the site completely, is a job for a construction cleanup company. Construction cleanup companies are typically hired by the main contractor or lead.

What are Construction Cleanup Companies Responsible For?

There are many responsibilities that a clean-up crew is in charge of. They will provide cleaning services for residential, commercial, and industrial construction sites. Some companies will offer off-site cleaning services during a project once or twice a week after the subcontractors have finished.

Duties Included

On-site cleanup includes cleaning up the area the subcontractors have been working on and prepping it for the next job. Clean-up includes properly disposing of debris and trash. The clean-up company will often do a walk-through with the contractor to get an idea of what is expected of them and to receive any special instructions.

After construction has been completed the company will then be responsible for getting the site ready for public operation. They are responsible for wiping down ceilings fixtures, fans, lights, mechanical registers, walls, cabinets, windows, mirrors, baseboards, and other fixtures. Cleaning the carpets and mopping the floors may be included along with sweeping and clearing debris from the outside sidewalks and patio spaces.

What is Required for Employment?

Being part of a crew for construction cleanup in Pompano FL is not as simple as it may sound. Due to the clean-up workers being considered a subcontractor, many states require the company to be licensed, bonded and insured. Clean-up workers must follow building codes for the city or other local jurisdiction. They must be physically fit as there is generally a lot of lifting and moving that takes place.

More Information

Whether it is an old construction site or a newly built one, there are messes to be made as well as cleaned. This often offers job security for many companies. Get more information today on what it takes to start your own construction clean-up business or how to become apart of one.

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