Mar 7, 2014

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The Research On Mechano Growth Factor

One of the newest trends in research comes in the form of being able to actually splice genes to create different combinations of proteins and peptides that can enhance the action of the original gene. This is the case with Mechano Growth Factor that has been spliced from Insulin-like Growth Factor or IGF 1. This change can also occur naturally in the body and tends to be more common when muscles are exercised and when the muscle in routinely used in resistance types of activities.

Mechano Growth Factor, also known as MGF, works to grow and repair muscles at a cellular level. This is a more specific action than performed by IGF 1 at a cellular level and allows researchers to pinpoint just how this is accomplished. In a very simple explanation the Mechano Growth Factor has a different terminal or end peptide, a C-terminal peptide, which speeds up the muscle repair and growth potential.

Muscle stem cells are particularly activated with the presence of Mechano Growth Factor as opposed to IGF 1. This allows researchers to target different studies on muscle cells of different ages and growth rates to see just how much of an effect Mechano Growth Factor can have on potential growth.

Decreasing Production with Age

In studies of actual muscle tissue in laboratory animals it was found that the level of Mechano Growth Factor was highest in younger muscle cells, from young animals, and lowest in adult muscle cells. The greatest production was found when the muscle tissue had been exposed to resistance types of exercises.

When MGF was provided to the test animals and the biopsy of the muscle was completed after the resistance exercises, significant increases in muscle cell length and width occurred, but only with the muscle cells exposed to Mechano Growth Factor. The addition of IGF 1 had only limited benefits, which suggests that MGF alone may contribute to muscle growth in specific cells and tissues.

Mechano Growth Factor is not considered a systemic muscle cell enhancer but it does produce dramatic muscle mass improvements in the lab on localized muscle cells during use and after resistance work. We offer a full range of peptides as well as Mechano Growth Factor through our online store.

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