Apr 16, 2014

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The Quest for the Best: At Home Teeth Whitening Products

The desire to have the whitest teeth possible has become more than fashionable. It verges on being an obsession with some individuals. For those who are caught up in pursuing this goal and without the desire or financial wherewithal to spend time at a cosmetic dentist, there is another option. These are over the counter (OTC) solutions. They scan the shelves hoping to find the best at home tooth whitening products.

How to Brighten Your Teeth

Many OTC teeth whitening products claim to be the best at whitening your teeth. The shelves of supermarkets, drugstores and retail box stores are lined with products that want to help you reach the goal of a superstar smile. In fact, toothpastes and mouthwashes have also become a popular means of trying to inexpensively and easily achieve this goal. Yet, these are not the most popular means of doing so.

Among the most common are:

*   Gel Whitening Strips
*  Teeth Whitening Pens
*  Touch-Up Whitening Kits

However, one of the older forms and often considered one of the best at home teeth whitening products is a teeth whitening kit.

Teeth Whitening Kits

The teeth whitening kits for at home use mimic those used in dental offices around the world. They consist of a tray resembling a mouth guard or mouth piece and whitening gel. The gel is the active agent and is comprised of one of two types of peroxides. It is in less concentration than that permitted in dental usage. Nevertheless, it can be successful.

If the whitening kit is to be effective, the user has to fill the tray and place it in his or her mouth for a set period of time. This varies according to the specific product brand. Some require you to leave the mouth piece in for 2 hours. This may not be a straight two-hour period. You may be instructed to remove the guard, rinse it out, refill it with the gel and then reposition it in your mouth.

OTC teeth whitening kits are popular for several reasons. They include:

*  Accessibility – You can buy one in many different stores
*  Convenience – You can use them in the privacy of your home while watching TV, reading a book or playing a video game
*  Cost – These kits are less expensive than a similar kit from the dentist

The best at home teeth whitening kits can help you achieve that million watt smile. The marketplace offers you a variety of brands. Companies are continually manufacturing some product capable of whitening your teeth. Before you decide on what works best for you, discuss with an expert the pros and cons or the available whitening products. By selecting the right one for your teeth, you are on the road to attaining that perfect smile.

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