The Prospect of Buying a Stick-Shift Jeep Compass at an Oak Park Dealership

Consumers who want to buy a Jeep Compass in Oak Park with a manual transmission are having their last chance to get a new model with this feature. Jeep announced in the summer of 2020 that the company would stop manufacturing these compact sport utility vehicles with a stick-shift transmission. Of course, men and women will still be able to buy pre-owned Compass SUVs that they can shift manually.

Although some drivers greatly prefer the added control of a stick shift, the market share for this option has plummeted except for a handful of vehicles. The Wrangler will continue being manufactured with a manual transmission option since consumer demand for the feature is greater with this vehicle. That model appeals to people who enjoy off-road driving, for which stick-shift maneuvering is advantageous.

The percentage of car buyers wanting a stick-shift Jeep Compass in Oak Park became so tiny that the company could no longer justify the additional line of manufacturing. A very large majority of SUV buyers want the convenience of an automatic transmission. Many have never learned to drive with the other type of equipment.

Especially in a metropolitan area, having to do so much manual shifting while traveling in congested traffic can become tedious and annoying. Most people who buy SUVs want them mainly for the sense of safety connected with a larger car and for having plenty of room for passengers and cargo. The inventory of new and pre-owned SUVs for Hawk Chrysler Dodge Jeep can be viewed at their website.

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