Jul 18, 2018

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The Pros and Cons of Ibogaine Drug Addiction Treatment

Going through drug addiction is difficult on everyone involved. Whether you are the one who suffers from substance abuse, a member of their family or part of their circle of friends, you will find the road to recovery is a bumpy one. Ups and down often go hand in hand with the fight to regain one’s life after battling addiction. Many treatment facilities offer their knowledge and medical expertise to help abusers find their way back to a normal life. Unfortunately, not all treatments work. For some, they find themselves relapsing and struggling with their addiction once again. This is why learning the pros and cons of using Ibogaine for drug addiction treatment may be the saving grace they are in need of.

The Pros of Ibogaine

There are quite a few pros associated with using Ibogaine for drug addiction treatment. Ibogaine is a natural substance that comes from an African plant. It isn’t modified or given any additives to aid it in the process of helping those suffering from addiction. Ibogaine is used to help lead the brain back to a state before addiction was introduced. This allows for a complete reset of the body and mind to a time when neither were addicted to its substance of choice. Another benefit of Ibogaine is its lack of effects. Most who use Ibogaine find they don’t suffer from the normal withdrawals and cravings associated with treatments.

The Cons of Ibogaine

As with everything, there is a downside to choosing Ibogaine drug addiction treatment. One such con is the fact it isn’t safe for everyone. People who suffer from heart issues or other health problems may not be prime candidates for Ibogaine. It’s important to consult with medical professionals to determine if this form of treatment is suitable for your unique situation.

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