The Processes Of A Property Insurance Adjuster in Queens NY

The first person that handles any sort of loss when it comes to insurance claims is the Property Insurance Adjuster in Queens NY. The adjuster must follow a strict set of rules in regards to what is regarded as a loss and how that can be interpreted. Here is the typical process the insurance adjuster will go through.

  • The adjuster will first read the insurance policy to check what type of coverage the insured actually has, what options are available to them, what limitations are in effect, and what exclusions or conditions apply.
  • The adjuster will then seek to confirm the coverage itself. This can be done by piecing together the paperwork which the insured has in their possession or by verifying standard information found on the website of the insurance company.
  • The Property Insurance Adjuster in Queens NY will then read the loss notice. This is a very important document, probably the single most important piece of paperwork they will need to read during the entire process. It is regarded as essentially the starting point of every claim and provides the adjuster with such information as the date the loss occurred, the type of loss, coverage pertaining to the insured, what physical location the loss occurred at, and who the contact points are.
  • After the adjuster has reviewed the pertinent paperwork, they will interview any witnesses to the loss and will also interview the insured party. It will be necessary for the insured to prove the loss to the adjuster, according to any specific terms within the insurance policy. The adjuster is unable to physically help the insured prove the loss; they are only there to record and document the findings. The adjuster will seek to answer the following age-old questions from all witnesses and insured parties, those being: who, what, where, why, when, and how.
  • After the depth and amount of loss have been established, all necessary information will be turned over to the insurance company for payment proceedings to begin.

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